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  • Dylan is having a great time since joining S4K a few months ago – so glad we moved him from... View More..
    Mark, father of Dylan & Luke - S4K Kickers, Farnborough

  • We had a taster class a few weeks ago with S4K and I was a bit...well surprised. It was not what I... View More..
    Christine, mother of Tristan - S4K Tots, Camberley

  • Sport4Kids is better than anything else that we have encountered before. We were with previously... View More..
    Emma, mother of Jessica - S4K Kickers, Old Windsor

  • Really good structured classes for age related needs. My two boys love it! Thank you to coach Adam... View More..
    Sarah, mother of Daniel and Harvey - S4K Strikers, Egham

  • Coaches always welcoming and friendly towards both children and parents. A family orientated club,... View More..
    Patrick, father of Tommy - S4K Strikers, Windsor

  • Professional, friendly and always full of smiles - my daughter absolutely loves Sport4Kids. The... View More..
    Paul, father of Lilly - S4K Kickers, Kingston

  • The highlight of our little one's week! Coach Mark and Coach Charisse are always enthusiastic and... View More..
    Emma, Karen & Jessica - mothers of Maddox, Ciara & Sebastian - S4K Kickers, Old Windsor

  • A great fun class, where all of the children are entertained and have a fun time. Coach Marie and... View More..
    Ian, father of Robert - S4K Kickers - Egham

  • We have been extremely impressed with your set up. The kids have
    absolutely loved going to the... View More..
    Rachael - mother of Claudia and Joshua - S4K Kickers, Guildford

Sport4Kids Football Coaching, Child Development & Girls Football Blog!

We are passionate about everything to do with sport and child development. We have a number of authors who love nothing better than to post about their passions, thoughts and feelings around the sports that they love. Take a look at our posts below and remember to link in with your favourite authors via email and social media!

Our blog contains hints and tips for parents, teachers and educational professionals on how to keep children active and healthy as well as exploring current affairs and curriculum changes in the education sector. Covering all ages from toddler and early years development through key stage one, two and three activities. 

Changing The Face of Children's Sport in Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire

Changing The Face of Children's Sport in Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire
As the new Network Partner for Sport4Kids Beaconsfield Bucks Territory, I would like to introduce myself, tell you a bit about my background and passion for encouraging children to take part in Exercise and Sport.  I would also like to welcome you to a free taster in one of our wonderful toddler and kids football and rugby classes. I have run a successful sports coaching business for more than 10 years, working mostly in Primary Schools in and around High Wycombe. My team of coaches currently work together to instil a love of sport in more than one thousand 4-11 year olds a week. Our focus is of course skill development but we are driven to make PE inclusive and fun for all abilities. It is so important to leave Primary School with a positive attitude towards Physical Exercise and to set the ground stone for the teenage and adult years. It is my belief that sport not only benefits children physically but also in their mental well being. The World Health Organisation is clear on the value of sports and physical activity; "...... participation in physical activity can assist in the social development of young people by providing opportunities for self-expression, building self-confidence, social interaction and integration. It has also been suggested that physically active young people more readily adopt other healthy behaviours (e.g. avoidance of tobacco, alcohol and drug use) and demonstrate higher academic performance at school".We advocate introducing children to sport as young as possible, that's why we have toddler football and toddler rugby classes to help them feel at home in a sporting context as they journey through their childhood years and embed good, healthy habits from the start. These classes help them to grow in all sorts of ways whilst having fun. They develop core motor skills and build confidence - being in a sporty environment with their parents and a fun and caring S4K coach is just the best start to their s...
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Why the path to football stardom is easier than ever for children to follow

Why the path to football stardom is easier than ever for children to follow
If you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, it's highly unlikely that they'll profess aspirations of middle management. Instead, they're likely to share their dreams of becoming the next Beyoncé, Steve Jobs or Ronaldo. The sky's the limit for many children and that's exactly where they're aiming.This leaves many parents with a dilemma over how much they should support these dreams, especially if a child shows particular promise in their interest — be that with skills on the football pitch, a keen technical eye or an impressive vocal range. On one hand you don't want to set them up for disappointment, but on the other you don't want to deny them the chance to achieve their dream.Of course, skill isn't always enough when breaking into the big time — luck and timing also play a large part in setting a child on the road to success. There's clearly a huge leap between local kids' football classes and the hallowed turf of Wembley — reasoning that can be hard to explain to a determined six-year-old. The good news for budding young footballers is the chance of being scouted from lower level clubs is greater than ever. Following the success of Jamie Vardy, who quickly rose through the ranks to the heady heights of the Premier League, it seems the opportunities for young talent to be scouted are becoming more prevalent.In a recent interview with sportswear supplier Kitlocker Tim Coe, chief scout at Crystal Palace, spoke of the importance of scouting at grassroots level:"We spend the vast majority of our time watching lower league and non-league football. There is a lot of talent and potential and there are a lot of examples of players who have risen through the levels to play at the highest level."Joe Purkiss, scout at Revo Sports Management, works with teams across the league and most recently scouted for Sheffield United's under-13s' youth team. Joe also told Kitlocker about the wealth of talent just waiting to be discovered in lower and non-league teams:"Sco...
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Girls’ Games – why football and rugby are not just sports for boys

Are girls restricted by other people's attitudes when it comes to choosing the sports they want to play? Discover why there's never been a better time for girls to choose football or rugby, and learn 11 ways to encourage your daughter to achieve her goals!It's been so exciting being involved in setting up new S4K classes in Twickenham and Hounslow, and ensuring that both boys and girls feel equally welcome. There are many different factors that affect children's choice of sport. I am especially keen that girls are given the opportunity to try out football and rugby, so they understand that girls can play these games just as well as the boys do.She's not scared – are you?My daughter came home from secondary school one day, excited to tell us she had been picked for the girl's rugby team! Admittedly she was already a good footballer, but the idea of her playing contact rugby was frightening. Visions of scrums and scary players immediately leapt to mind. However we were persuaded to let her play 'just this once,' bought her a gum-shield and of course she was perfectly fine. In fact we had to let her continue playing as her team kept on winning and made it all the way into the national finals. She was rightly proud and justified as we realised that our fear – not hers – was creating an unreasonable obstacle. Playing sport since she was tiny had given our daughter confidence in her body and her ability, as well as the determination and resilience that she needed to be fearless.Sport4Kids classes are ideal for getting girls into sport at an early age and building their confidence. With the assurance of a safe environment and using the Montessori philosophy of the 'prepared child' to encourage independent learning, even Tots from the age of 18 months can benefit from S4K football and rugby skills-building activities, progressing into Kickers or Cubs classes at 3-5 years old.Girls have an equal right to play sport – any sport.Imagine your little girl tells you that she want...
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The Day In The Life Of An Olympic Gymnast

The Olympic Games is bound to prove an inspiration to people right across the globe. Whether they’re aspiring athletes with an eye on Tokyo in 2020 or enthusiastic amateurs eager to push themselves to achieve their own potential, the action in Rio is sure to prove a big motivating factor as they hit the gym in the coming months.Yet what does it actually take to be an Olympian? And what lessons can we learn from the sacrifices that were made by the medal winners in Brazil?  The daily routine of a history making gold medal winner Luckily, we are able to see exactly what it takes to become a success on the biggest stage thanks to the insight of gymnast Gabby Douglas.  Douglas made history in Rio when, along with Aly Raisman, she became the first American to be part of two gold medal winning teams. Typically, this competitive sport sees athletes get just one shot at the Olympics so Douglas’ routine has been a crucial part in helping her to buck the trend.Before heading to Rio, Do...1369786725000 c03 gabby 21 1305282034 4 3
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