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  • Dylan is having a great time since joining S4K a few months ago – so glad we moved him from... View More..
    Mark, father of Dylan & Luke - S4K Kickers, Farnborough

  • We had a taster class a few weeks ago with S4K and I was a bit...well surprised. It was not what I... View More..
    Christine, mother of Tristan - S4K Tots, Camberley

  • Sport4Kids is better than anything else that we have encountered before. We were with previously... View More..
    Emma, mother of Jessica - S4K Kickers, Old Windsor

  • Really good structured classes for age related needs. My two boys love it! Thank you to coach Adam... View More..
    Sarah, mother of Daniel and Harvey - S4K Strikers, Egham

  • Coaches always welcoming and friendly towards both children and parents. A family orientated club,... View More..
    Patrick, father of Tommy - S4K Strikers, Windsor

  • Professional, friendly and always full of smiles - my daughter absolutely loves Sport4Kids. The... View More..
    Paul, father of Lilly - S4K Kickers, Kingston

  • The highlight of our little one's week! Coach Mark and Coach Charisse are always enthusiastic and... View More..
    Emma, Karen & Jessica - mothers of Maddox, Ciara & Sebastian - S4K Kickers, Old Windsor

  • A great fun class, where all of the children are entertained and have a fun time. Coach Marie and... View More..
    Ian, father of Robert - S4K Kickers - Egham

  • We have been extremely impressed with your set up. The kids have
    absolutely loved going to the... View More..
    Rachael - mother of Claudia and Joshua - S4K Kickers, Guildford

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News & Events

Easter Holiday Closures

EasterEaster has arrived and the birds are beginning to tweat in the trees as summertime starts to come to England!  We are welcoming the good weather and the chance to take our S4K Tots, Kickers, Strikers and Academy outside onto the grass.

We know how important it is to find ways to entertain your children during the school holiday season so always try to make sure that we are operating throughout. 

There are only a few venues with closures this holiday season and they are...

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Kids Football Club Launch!

Successful First Fixtures for our S4K Bears & Warriors!

Kids Football ClubWe have just completed a trial three weekends of fixtures as part of developing our new S4K Football Club. Both The S4K Warriors and The S4K Bears had quite an experience!  We wanted to conduct a trial to test whether there was appetite from players, parents and coaches to go down the route of creating an S4K Football Club and match day offering – and the overwhelming response was a very loud Yes! 

We also used the three match weekends to learn more about how we package a football match experience and do it The S4K Way - and of course to canvass parents on their views and get more detailed feedback on different aspects of the experience.

The biggest challenge is how we get the S4K way of developing skills, technique, passing into the match environment. Competition is great but we do not want our children losing the fun, skills development and the teamwork we are developing through the skills classes. We want to have a match experience that is better than anyone out there offers and we have started to get thoughts on how the gradual evolution from a child’s perspective is from pure skills classes to the competitive situation.

Kids Football SkillsSome lessons learned:

  • Combining the skills and match experience with structured warm ups would help maintain the skills development.
  • There is a need for positional and game situation exercises
  • There is a need for breaking down the skills and knowledge of playing on an outside pitch in a competitive game and we can add that into the S4K curriculum.
  • The Player Pathway which we use for building our monthly skills programs can be added to and can come to the fore in helping parents and players understand where they are in their development cycle.
  • Streaming the children for age groups and ability would help keep those of similar ability playing with and against those of similar ability.
  • Our first venue is ideal and got lots of thumbs up from everyone.

The combination of our Lead Coaches and each team having a Team Coach which comes from one of the parent volunteers can work nicely. For the S4K Bears this was Gavin Seager (Monty’s dad), myself (Deny-Ray’s dad) and Steve Wilson (Rowan and Krish’s dad). Anyone else who would like to volunteer that would be great.

In summary, we have made significant strides in setting up the foundation for a special S4K match day experience but there is much more to come. We know the things we can do much better and have lots of ideas for the challenges ahead. Being creative and innovative is our hallmark and we can promise some nice surprises on the way.

Kids Football Club ParentsWe have noticed that we need to bridge between Skills classes and full league situations where there might be aggressive parents, referees, uncomfortable experiences and hoof ball influences.
We plan to maintain our philosophies of the children first, development of their individual skills and fun team work first over and above win at all costs mentality that competitive football engenders in us all.

So more match practice in the skills classes, friendlies yes, inter venue matches yes, streaming into age ranges and ability groups, entering festivals, tweaking our own S4K Tournament, re-introducing GameTIme and allowing parents to get 121 coaching and assessments through the S4K Player Pathway will be made available.

Our Head Coach Mark and Head of S4K FC Adam will be sharing more on our plans in the coming days and weeks, it only leaves me to thanks you for all the enthusiasm and encouragement you have all shown to the coaching team and the players in the last few weeks. 

As always, we are happy to hear the thoughts of our S4K Families as we move along this journey, so please feel free to contact us with any comments!

Warm Wishes,

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Camberley Class Move

Camberley Kids Football Classes

As mentioned at our kids football classes in at Collingwood College in Camberley last week, we are having to relocate our sessions to a different Kingston Gym Directionspart of the school campus this week. 

The session times will remain the same, but will be run from the Kingston Gym, which is located on the other side of the campus.  Please see the directions below...

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Christmas Class Schedule

We are pleased to confirm that we will continue to provide our children with football classes throughout the Christmas period - giving parents and well-needed break and children an opportunity to burn off some extra energy!  We are also using the schedule to arrange some football matches between our S4K Strikers and S4K Academy children from different development centres.  Please note any cancelled sessions will be credited.


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Back to Sport4Kids!

Kids Football ClassesWe are excited to see so many of our families returning to our classes after the summer break and are enjoying welcoming so many new faces to our S4K Club! We have an exciting season coming up with the introduction of our S4K Football Club for our S4K Strikers and Academy members, as well as the usual high energy fun and games for our S4K Tots and Kickers. We will shortly be launching our S4K Player Pathway, which will show how our S4K children increase their skills along developmental milestones to become the next Lionel Messi! Also, keep an eye out for our next S4K Charity Match, which pits our parents against our coaching team, as well as our S4K Christmas Party...

Kids Football Classes in Kingston / Surbiton!

Come and visit Coach Marcus & Coach Cherish!

Kids Football Classes Kingston SurbitonOur kids football classes are underway at the Hollyfield School in Kingston / Surbiton!  Led by our charasmatic team of Coach Marcus and Coach Cherish, our S4K Tots, Kickers and Strikers have great fun learning new football skills and techniques.

This month our mini footballers are S4K Tots (18 months to 3 years) are learning skills through pirate themed games, while our S4K Kickers (3 to 5 years) are developing their turning abilities while negotiating a busy race track scenario!  Lastly, our S4K Strikers (5 to 7 years) are working hard on their Cruyff turns and inside step overs, before turning to passing in teams and playing in our low pressure, small sided games.  

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Children's Football Club Guildford


We are delighted to announce the opening of our Guildford Tigers Football Club at the Christ's College in Guildford.

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Sport4Kids @ Wentworth Health Club

Children's Football EghamWe had a great time at the Wentworth Health Club Family Fun Day last week.  Despite the weather, families turned out in the masses to have fun with a variety of stalls and activities.  There was live music, sports demonstrations including Judo and of course our fun and energetic Sport4Kids bunch!  We will be announcing involvement with the Wentworth Health Club nursery over the coming months and are looking forward to showcasing our S4K Tots and Kickers program for children's football in Egham.  In the meantime, click here to find out about our Egham, Old Windsor and Windsor venues in the local area.

Sport4Kids Family Summer Party!

Sport4Kids Summer Party!Windsor Family Days Out

After the success of last year's event, we are delighted to announce our annual Summer BBQ and Party!  Tickets must be purchased in advance and the details are listed below...

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