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  • Dylan is having a great time since joining S4K a few months ago – so glad we moved him from... View More..
    Mark, father of Dylan & Luke - S4K Kickers, Farnborough

  • We had a taster class a few weeks ago with S4K and I was a bit...well surprised. It was not what I... View More..
    Christine, mother of Tristan - S4K Tots, Camberley

  • Sport4Kids is better than anything else that we have encountered before. We were with previously... View More..
    Emma, mother of Jessica - S4K Kickers, Old Windsor

  • Really good structured classes for age related needs. My two boys love it! Thank you to coach Adam... View More..
    Sarah, mother of Daniel and Harvey - S4K Strikers, Egham

  • Coaches always welcoming and friendly towards both children and parents. A family orientated club,... View More..
    Patrick, father of Tommy - S4K Strikers, Windsor

  • Professional, friendly and always full of smiles - my daughter absolutely loves Sport4Kids. The... View More..
    Paul, father of Lilly - S4K Kickers, Kingston

  • The highlight of our little one's week! Coach Mark and Coach Charisse are always enthusiastic and... View More..
    Emma, Karen & Jessica - mothers of Maddox, Ciara & Sebastian - S4K Kickers, Old Windsor

  • A great fun class, where all of the children are entertained and have a fun time. Coach Marie and... View More..
    Ian, father of Robert - S4K Kickers - Egham

  • We have been extremely impressed with your set up. The kids have
    absolutely loved going to the... View More..
    Rachael - mother of Claudia and Joshua - S4K Kickers, Guildford

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Virginia Water Community Centre Launch Football Activity Classes for Kids

S4K are proud to announce the launch of kids football classes at Virginia Water Community Centre.

The classes are aimed at kids development and creating a fun active atmosphere to enjoy their first experiences of organised sport. The child friendly classes are for children between the ages of 18months to 11 years. Girls and boys all welcome and we have a burgeoning girls contingent in our ranks.

Classes start Thursday 28th at with the S4K Tots class starting at 3.15 to 4pm and S4K Kickers 3-5 year olds at 4.15 to 5pm.

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Child Development is Key to our Football Kids Classes

Kids FootballWhat is Child friendly football? Kids believe it or not, and those speaking from experience of our own will all nod at this, come at different ages, sizes and needs. Each child is an individual and child friendly football classes have to be tailored to each phase of a child’s development. Some children progress quickly and then plato for a while and then take off again. Others are slow starters picking up football skills gradually, then suddenly blossom into a promising talent. All Soccer kids enjoy the social interaction, the physical joy of kicking a ball – making it do what you want it to do!

Toddlers Love To Play… Toddlers love to have a football of their very own, they love the attention of the coach and the interaction with their peers. Moving from the apron strings of their parent to go forth into a group setting can be quite daunting, but then the intrigue, and the need to explore is overwhelming and you just have to join in… Group football with fellow football kids is an experience in itself. The group setting, listening to a friendly attentive “coach”, learning to listen, take instruction and being proud you have achieved the challenge you have been set are all learning and development opportunities. We teach colours, numbers, simple ball routines and even set up imaginary pirate ships, jungles and sleeping giants to navigate. Mastering simple instructions to go around some cones is a challenging proposition at this age. Mixing politely with fellow soccer toddlers is all part of a carefully thought through adventure and development experience. Mums and dads are encouraged to join in as they feel and provide support and confidence for their little one. Taking some of the routines home and replaying the sleeping giant or pirate skills routine can be part of this.

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Kids Football to produce the next Messi

New FA Changes to Kids Football Promises to Deliver English 'Messi's'

Next English MessiThe trend of children as young as 10 years old playing football on full-size pitches in the UK is being phased out after 87% of FA share holders voted for smaller-sided games, using smaller pitches and smaller goals.

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Brazilian Techniques - What is Futsal?

Brazilian Futsal TechniqueHow exactly have the football greats like Pele, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo and Neymar been able to master the Brazilian Samba?

Futsal is designed to allow players to constantly touch the ball, encourage them to retain posession of the ball and optimise the enjoyment of not only attacking, but also defending.  The technique removes some of the difficult rules of football that may hinder youngsters development.  For example, there are no offsides in a Futsal match, thus allowing players to move into any space that they see beneficial.

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Girls Football - The Worlds fastest Growing Sport

A not so well-known fact is that girls football is the fastest growing sport on the planet!

Girls Football ClubIf you research the history of women’s football, you will see that role models have been instrumental in the establishment of the womens game. Nettie Honeyball pioneered women’s football in the 1890s and Lily Parr who played for Dick, Kerr’s Ladies, was one of the first women footballers to be inducted into the Football Hall of Fame.

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Childrens Football Classes and Kids Football Training


Children's FootballThe joy of sport is that it provides an unrivalled sense of fun, dreams and togetherness that is rarely matched for girls and boys. At S4K we inspire kids and parents together to enjoy a simple, yet structured introduction to a number of sports including football, rugby and basketball, that is fun and challenging whilst developing all those skills that dreams are made of. Guided by a study of the works of child psychologists, nursery school and child health specialists the techniques and principles used in the design of the classes for our children are all focused on creating a warm, friendly and inclusive learning environment across all age groups.

Football Classes for Kids & Other Sports Options with S4K

We provide a number of classes including football classes for kids and other sporting options designed around different children's age groups, not only focusing on the development of their sporting abilities, but also on their general life and group behaviour skills. The S4K experience improves childrens' confidence, communication skills and sense of enjoyment.
To learn more about our specialist age groups, please select one of the links below...

S4K Tots – 18 months to 3 years
S4K Kickers – 3 years to 5 years
S4K Strikers – 5 years to 7 years
S4K Academy – 7+ years

Each class comes complete with two coaches to ensure that every child receives some all-important one-on-one tuition, which is essential to help them along and feel part of the gang. We find with our attention to every little person, even the shyest child soon feels comfortable and happy with their new sets of friends.

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