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Toddler & Kids Football Classes & Football Club

We like to make sure that everybody can try out our toddler and kids football classes as well as our children's football club for free!  All of our kids and toddler football classes have been developed using the work of child psychologists and are designed from a child-centric point of view to ensure maximum levls of engagement and enjoyment for all of our little ones.  With our older age groups, we are proud to provide a "beyond world class" coaching philosophy, encompassing the Dutch Coerver Method, Spanish Tika-taka with a pinch of Brazilian flair. Our children are then able to join their local S4K Football Club and sign up to compete in our S4K Tournament and compete against other development centres and football teams.  Click on the "Get Your Voucher Now" button and come and see how we are changing the face of the beautiful game!

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