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Welcome to the S4K University. We are committed to providing our Sports Entertainers, Coaches and Staff with continuous professional development to help everybody achieve their dreams and goals. We believe in our people and our people believe in the S4K Way.

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Below you will find our Sport4Kids service lines and the courses available. Speak with our Product Heads for more information on which courses you need to complete.

Skills Classes - Rugby

Welcome to Sport4Kids toddler and children’s rugby! Our rugby classes have been designed to develop every child’s physical, psychological and social skills.

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Skills Classes - Football

Welcome to our Football Skills Classes! Based on the best coaching techniques from around the globe, our mantra is Trick like the Dutch, Pass like the Spanish, Dribble like the Brazilians and Entertain like Walt Disney!

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Holiday Camps

Welcome to our S4K Holiday Camps, where children from the ages of 5 to 13 years are welcome at our multi-sport and activity camps. Our highly engaging camps provide an engaging half-term and holiday treat for all children.

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Our philosophy is simple: we aim to build confidence in children through engaging them in sport and physical exercise. Our

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Traditional birthday party ideas include football parties, rugby parties, tennis parties and netball parties. More novel and unique party ideas include toddler parties, gala sports parties and team games parties. Kids themed parties are also popular, fro

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We partner with a number of nurseries to provide bespoke sports solutions to suit every need. Our solutions focus on encouraging healthy lifestyles in our toddlers and children, but also assisting them in meeting the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS).

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Skills Classes - Dance

Our S4K Dance classes are fun, energetic and above all else entertaining for toddlers, pre-schoolers and children of all ages. Our classes are aimed at both boys and girls from the age of 18 months, although some toddlers and children get involved at an e

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Skills Classes - Golf


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Welcome to S4K

Welcome set of training modules that are designed to inform new S4K recruits about the services and opportunities on offers as well as provide information on the background of the organisation, the history and the philosophies involved in our revolution t

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Skills Classes - Football Session Plans

Video Session Plans for Football Skills

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Online course about our Membership offering to families.

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Training area dedicated to our S4K Football Club and the qualification of our Team Coaches.

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Sport4Kids UK Ltd.

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Phone: 0845 052 1347

Sport4Kids was founded by myself Steve and our Head Coach Dr. Mark Gould. We jointly have a passion for child development, entertainment and sporting excellence. Everything we try to do is from a child centric and a learning perspective.