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Lets have more fun with child centric coaching?

Welcome!  At S4K we all have a passion for child development, sports and football coaching. Fun is the name of the game whilst building confidence and skills in our young ones. This Blog is designed to share all that is good for our children including the best insights and coaching techniques from around the world. In our Blog we will be sharing insights, views, research and tips for all kids sports development. It is all about having fun times with your own child keeping up with ideas and things that can help along the way.

We will address some of the parents concerns and topical issues, so let us know your thoughts and get involved in the debate. Why not join us in a mission to create the best possible start for our young footballers anywhere? We will strive to give you “The Football Edge.” 

We will also keep up with Soccer’s world events as they happen along with Premier League and International football issues. We welcome topical insight from you and our readers who we hope get involved in everything we do. I hope you find this a useful guide and resource as we go on a special journey together.

S4K believes in combining the best coaching techniques and methods available with the best child engagement to create the best environment for fun, personal development and reaching beyond their potential.