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  • Dylan is having a great time since joining S4K a few months ago – so glad we moved him from... View More..
    Mark, father of Dylan & Luke - S4K Kickers, Farnborough

  • We had a taster class a few weeks ago with S4K and I was a bit...well surprised. It was not what I... View More..
    Christine, mother of Tristan - S4K Tots, Camberley

  • Sport4Kids is better than anything else that we have encountered before. We were with previously... View More..
    Emma, mother of Jessica - S4K Kickers, Old Windsor

  • Really good structured classes for age related needs. My two boys love it! Thank you to coach Adam... View More..
    Sarah, mother of Daniel and Harvey - S4K Strikers, Egham

  • Coaches always welcoming and friendly towards both children and parents. A family orientated club,... View More..
    Patrick, father of Tommy - S4K Strikers, Windsor

  • Professional, friendly and always full of smiles - my daughter absolutely loves Sport4Kids. The... View More..
    Paul, father of Lilly - S4K Kickers, Kingston

  • The highlight of our little one's week! Coach Mark and Coach Charisse are always enthusiastic and... View More..
    Emma, Karen & Jessica - mothers of Maddox, Ciara & Sebastian - S4K Kickers, Old Windsor

  • A great fun class, where all of the children are entertained and have a fun time. Coach Marie and... View More..
    Ian, father of Robert - S4K Kickers - Egham

  • We have been extremely impressed with your set up. The kids have
    absolutely loved going to the... View More..
    Rachael - mother of Claudia and Joshua - S4K Kickers, Guildford

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  1. When your child hits puberty, it is a sensitive age. They aren't as enamored in the same activities that they once were. Sports is the perfect outlet to allow your child to express themselves on the field or court while staying interested in healthy activities that can keep them out of trouble during these impressionable years. But, how exactly do you make sports a priority in their life and keep them motivated at the same time? These tips can ensure your child excels at sports in their own right and stays down the straight and narrow during those pubescence years. 1. Find The Right Sport At an early age, you may have been a parent that encourages your child to participate in every type of sport that is available to them. At the time, this may have been a great idea as it gave them a flavor of new experiences to participate in.As your child gets older, you need to allow them to discover the sports that are most meaningful to them. They may not want to continue on with soccer or rather prefer to only perform in basketball. Let them make the choice as to what sports they want to continue on with. When you make sports your child's idea, you give them the confidence and support they need to discover their true interests and succeed at doing what they enjoy. 2. Get Them Excited About Sports There is nothing more thrilling than being an attendee at a professional sports event. These events can engage your child and let them see exactly how the pros do it. When you get your child excited about seeing their favorite teams play, they are more apt to mimic these role models and look to emulate their moves.Your child will want to work to improve their skills and will really look forward to seeing their favorite players reach new sport accomplishments. Get your child excited about seeing teams that matter to them, so they can progress in their own personal sports career.  3. Have Some Fun Sports doesn't always have to be about winning and losing. Sometimes, you jus...
  2. ​Sport for physical and mental fitnessIt is common knowledge that regular exercise gained through playing sport is great for kids' developing bodies and their physical fitness. In fact the NHS guidelines state, "to maintain a basic level of health, children and young people aged 5 to 18 need to do at least 60 minutes of [moderate to vigorous] physical activity every day." These recommendations tell us that vigorous activity, which makes you breathe hard and fast, "is linked to better general health, stronger bones and muscles, as well as higher levels of self-esteem."Let's look at that again: listed along with the other benefits is 'self-esteem'. Not only can vigorous activity improve physical fitness (the NHS recommends playing chase, dancing, swimming, running, gymnastics, football, rugby, martial arts and cycling), these activities can improve a child's mental fitness as well. In this blog I'll be looking at psychological techniques including mindfulness, positive thinking, intelligent performance, purposeful practice and ways to nurture a growth mindset, which can all help to develop this mental fitness. Caring about confidenceFor a child to achieve a level of proficiency in any kind of sport requires an emotional commitment; participating in group activities from an early age helps children to develop and control the emotional, behavioural and social skills that are needed to operate as part of a team. This generates self-esteem and is valuable when transferred to other areas in life, especially when the youngest children start school. Poor self-esteem resulting in a lack of confidence, on the other hand, is one of the main factors that inhibit learning, along with fear of failure and learned helplessness. Sport for Kids recognises the importance of promoting a healthy mind, body and active lifestyle and their philosophy is simple: "We aim to build confidence in children through engaging them in sport and physical exercise."Confident children learn that sa...
  3. Are girls restricted by other people's attitudes when it comes to choosing the sports they want to play? Discover why there's never been a better time for girls to choose football or rugby, and learn 11 ways to encourage your daughter to achieve her goals!It's been so exciting being involved in setting up new S4K classes in Twickenham and Hounslow, and ensuring that both boys and girls feel equally welcome. There are many different factors that affect children's choice of sport. I am especially keen that girls are given the opportunity to try out football and rugby, so they understand that girls can play these games just as well as the boys do.She's not scared – are you?My daughter came home from secondary school one day, excited to tell us she had been picked for the girl's rugby team! Admittedly she was already a good footballer, but the idea of her playing contact rugby was frightening. Visions of scrums and scary players immediately leapt to mind. However we were persuaded to let her play 'just this once,' bought her a gum-shield and of course she was perfectly fine. In fact we had to let her continue playing as her team kept on winning and made it all the way into the national finals. She was rightly proud and justified as we realised that our fear – not hers – was creating an unreasonable obstacle. Playing sport since she was tiny had given our daughter confidence in her body and her ability, as well as the determination and resilience that she needed to be fearless.Sport4Kids classes are ideal for getting girls into sport at an early age and building their confidence. With the assurance of a safe environment and using the Montessori philosophy of the 'prepared child' to encourage independent learning, even Tots from the age of 18 months can benefit from S4K football and rugby skills-building activities, progressing into Kickers or Cubs classes at 3-5 years old.Girls have an equal right to play sport – any sport.Imagine your little girl tells you that she want...
  4. The Olympic Games is bound to prove an inspiration to people right across the globe. Whether they’re aspiring athletes with an eye on Tokyo in 2020 or enthusiastic amateurs eager to push themselves to achieve their own potential, the action in Rio is sure to prove a big motivating factor as they hit the gym in the coming months.Yet what does it actually take to be an Olympian? And what lessons can we learn from the sacrifices that were made by the medal winners in Brazil?  The daily routine of a history making gold medal winner Luckily, we are able to see exactly what it takes to become a success on the biggest stage thanks to the insight of gymnast Gabby Douglas.  Douglas made history in Rio when, along with Aly Raisman, she became the first American to be part of two gold medal winning teams. Typically, this competitive sport sees athletes get just one shot at the Olympics so Douglas’ routine has been a crucial part in helping her to buck the trend.Before heading to Rio, Do...1369786725000 c03 gabby 21 1305282034 4 3
  5. The childrens rugby are considered the best Rugby team on the planet.  The best for rugby skills, the best for developing kids rugby and the best for creating a winning brand of international rugby. How do they build such a reputation and winning formula for rugby? I was once at a personal appearance of the great All Back captain Sean Fitzpatrick, I never forget what he said about one of their secrets of success was the All Black Shirt. He said "The power is in the shirt that is passed down from generation to generation of All Black. Each player takes the baton of honour embodied in the shirt they wear. They take that baton from previous greats and the senior players make sure the younger All Blacks know who wore that shirt and teach them to respect and follow the traditions. Each player is the custodian of the shirt and they try to pass it on with greater heritage than when they received it. "Our forefathers are with us when we put that shirt on and when anyone puts on tha...

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