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  • Dylan is having a great time since joining S4K a few months ago – so glad we moved him from... View More..
    Mark, father of Dylan & Luke - S4K Kickers, Farnborough

  • We had a taster class a few weeks ago with S4K and I was a bit...well surprised. It was not what I... View More..
    Christine, mother of Tristan - S4K Tots, Camberley

  • Sport4Kids is better than anything else that we have encountered before. We were with previously... View More..
    Emma, mother of Jessica - S4K Kickers, Old Windsor

  • Really good structured classes for age related needs. My two boys love it! Thank you to coach Adam... View More..
    Sarah, mother of Daniel and Harvey - S4K Strikers, Egham

  • Coaches always welcoming and friendly towards both children and parents. A family orientated club,... View More..
    Patrick, father of Tommy - S4K Strikers, Windsor

  • Professional, friendly and always full of smiles - my daughter absolutely loves Sport4Kids. The... View More..
    Paul, father of Lilly - S4K Kickers, Kingston

  • The highlight of our little one's week! Coach Mark and Coach Charisse are always enthusiastic and... View More..
    Emma, Karen & Jessica - mothers of Maddox, Ciara & Sebastian - S4K Kickers, Old Windsor

  • A great fun class, where all of the children are entertained and have a fun time. Coach Marie and... View More..
    Ian, father of Robert - S4K Kickers - Egham

  • We have been extremely impressed with your set up. The kids have
    absolutely loved going to the... View More..
    Rachael - mother of Claudia and Joshua - S4K Kickers, Guildford

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Hendon Toddler and Kids Football Launch!

With great pleasure we are announcing our S4K football classes are now available in leafy Hendon.

Sport4Kids at Hendon operated a number of  toddler and kids football classes from 18 months to 7 years. You will be amazed to see 18 month old toddlers developing motor skills at the S4K Toddler Football classes. The classes run every Saturday at Hendon School starting at 9:00 am in the morning, giving you enough time to have your morning coffee.

Sport4Kids at Hendon School starts young and aspires to see children develop through the years. The Toddlers Football classes for ages of 18 months – 3 years, the Kickers Football classes for 3 – 5 years old and our Strikers from 5 - 7 years old combine fun, entertainment and imagination with increased football skills as kids grow and develop.  Fun, entertainment, games and activities keep the sport enjoyable and kids engaged. High levels of engagement always encourage the children to push themselves, develop fundamental motor skills and specific footballing skills in a unique approach which is proven to grow confidence and capabilities in all children across the ages. 

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Wokingham Toddler and Kids Football Launch!

We’re delighted and excited to announce that Sport4Kids is launching new Saturday Kids’ Football Skills classes on Saturday 4th April 2020 in the Wokingham area.

At The Forest School, Winnersh we’ll be running Tots classes (18 months to 3 years old) from 8.30am to 9.15am, followed by Kickers Classes (3 years old to 5 years old) between 9.20am and 10.05am.

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Getting Kids Moving

Have you ever been to a playground and seen kids sitting at the side? They mover around and that too with pace and energy much beyond an ordinary parent. What might surprise parents is that getting a child out in the playground, irrespective of the weather, sets them up for a lifetime of a physical habit.

Growing up kids miss getting out and about and as life changes their physical activity drops. Many reasons contribute to the inactivity:

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5 Ways To Introduce Football To Your Toddler

So, you’ve played or watched football avidly since you were a young child. You followed your heroes week in and week out, dreaming of pulling on the shirt and scoring that 30 yard screamer in the cup final at Wembley and then you got injured/old/out of shape/had a reality check/all of the above(!). But now you have a mini me and your dream has become one of happily kicking a ball around the garden for hours as the summer sun fades, reenacting that famous Cup Final goal (it should have been you!) And maybe one day your mini me will pull on that famous shirt for real!

So the hopes and dreams are there, you probably even have a football or two, maybe the latest kit and some cute little trainers (matching yours of course!) but how do you begin?

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Toddler and Kids Rugby Launch in Walsall Wood

We are excited and proud to announce that we are bringing our fantastic Sport4Kids Kids Rugby classes to Walsall Wood as our fourth venue in the Sfafford. 

Our Sport4Kids children’s Rugby classes are for a variety of age groups starting as young as 18 months with our S4K Toddler Rugby classes! We have Classes launching in Shire Oak Academy on the 9th Fenruary 2020, that will be running every Sunday morning from 10:10am. Our S4K Toddler Rugby and S4K Rugby Cubs will hone their conversion kicks and tune-up their tries!  

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Binfield Toddler and Kids Tennis Launch!

Sport4Kids is delighted to launch tennis on 22nd March 2020 at Newbold College, Binfield where we already run football classes and holiday and half term activity camps.

Our Tots tennis classes (18 months to 3 years) will be on Sundays from 10.40am to 11.25am, followed by our Diddis tennis classes (3 years to 5 years) from 11.30am to 12.15pm.

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S4K Parents - a crucial role

Parents are central to their children’s development in every aspect of life and at S4K Beaconsfield & Bucks we understand that and work with parents to give children the best possible start in the sporting world. Our Sport4Kids Football and Rugby classes begin at 18months and are child centric, engaging and energetic, we are fantastic at what we do but we couldn’t get the results we do without parents support both in the class and through Practise@Home (more about that in a bit)

The S4K Coaches at our High Wycombe and Beaconsfield venues are of course role models to your children, and as they get older so are their idols in the professional sporting world. But, as parents, you eclipse everyone and it is you who your children look up to beyond anyone else.

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Kids and Toddler Football Classes Launch in St Helens

We are pleased to announce that we are bringing our exciting S4K football classes to De La Salle high school in St. Helens Merseyside!

Our Sport4Kids kids football classes operate across a variety of age groups. Starting as young as 18 months with our S4K Toddler Football classes, we have classes launching at De La Salle High School on the 8th of March and will be running every Sunday morning from 8:30am.

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Toddler and Kids Football Launch in Walsall Wood

We are pleased to announce that we are bringing our exciting S4K football classes to Walsall Wood which is the fourth venue in the Stafford region and our second new venue of 2020 – another 2 planned for later in the year.

Our Sport4Kids kids football classes operate across a variety of age groups. Starting as young as 18 months with our S4K Toddler Football classes, we have classes launching at Shire Oak Academy in Walsall Wood on the 9th February 2020 and will be running every Sunday morning from 8:30am throughout the year. 

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